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Makeup lessons

I offer personalised makeup lessons on a one to one basis so you can become your own makeup artist!


Stuck in a rut? I hear how women easily get stuck in a rut doing the same makeup they've been doing on auto pilot for years and need a little guidance how to modernise their look.


Find beauty departments intimidating? We go through questions you've always been wanting to ask in a relaxed pressure free environment. Most people find salespeople in retail a little too pushy and don't want to sit in the middle of a store to have their makeup taken off amidst the general public. I'm totally impartial and can relay my years of experience without being affiliated with any brands.

Always buying the same colours? Its great to have a separate set of eyes to declutter collections of the same shade of lipstick x 7! Learn what colours flatter your complexion and what tones to avoid. 

Wear the same makeup day & evening? Learn a classic pulled together look that's quick and achievable for everyday then see how simple a few key products can transform it into something more glamourous for night out.

Confident with your makeup but need a little inspiration? Learn pro secrets and focus on advanced techniques like how to do contour flawlessly or how to master a feline eyeliner look.  

Getting married & doing your own makeup? Get advice how to make everything last (especially important on a long day / in the heat) and learn how to ensure your look photographs beautifully. I hold makeup lessons for brides getting married abroad that cant take me along (sadly!) or perhaps wanting some insider tips and product recommendations on how to create a long lasting and fresh looking makeup for their big day and already confident in their own makeup skills.


We start with a rummage through your existing makeup collection - big or small - making product suggestions/substitutions as we go. Skincare, base, colour, tools and how to clean them, stockists, cosmetic expiry dates... we cover it all and you leave with a full written makeup prescription to hit the shops with. Great given as a present or a gift voucher!

I also hold Personal Shopping experience days where together we head into the beauty hall and I show you the latest products used by professionals - no sales pressure allowed! Get in touch for more information and to discuss your requirements here.

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